Parenting Across Cultures

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The Whistler Welcome Centre is delighted to announce the beginning of our new program, Parenting Across Cultures, beginning on Wednesday November 1st. With thanks to generous funding from the Community Foundation of Whistler, Sea to Sky Community Services and Whistler Multicultural Network, the Welcome Centre is able to offer this program.

Parenting Across Cultures is a 6 week program, every Wednesday morning at 10-12, from November 1st until December 6th 2017. We will meet at the Maury Young Arts Centre (formerly Millenium Place). Registration is required and babies are welcome too. The program will be facilitated by certified counsellor, Lana Lutke, as well as Welcome Centre and Sea to Sky Community Services staff.

Settling into life in a new culture is a huge adjustment and it can take many years before you feel fully adapted. Becoming a parent is certainly a joyful time in your life but it can also bring about new challenges as you continue your adjustment to a new culture. Parenting Across Cultures offers a safe and supportive environment for immigrant moms to meet, connect and share their experiences as multicultural parents. The program aims to help you be a successful multicultural parent in Whistler and to help you build a support network as a newcomer to Canada.

Come and join us to celebrate you, your babies and your culture!



What do we talk about at the WMN advisory board?

On Monday, September 25, the WMN advisory board met at the Welcome Centre for the first time since the summer. After an update on programs and services in July and August, we talked about the new programs and projects being planned for the fall and winter.

  • a program that helps develop communication and peer support skills, plus knowledge of resources and services in Whistler,
  • a pilot program supporting new immigrant mums learning to celebrate their own cultures while parenting in Canada, and
  • the development of our own Multicultural Kitchens cookbook.

While July and August were quiet, now that fall is here, programming is getting busy. ESL groups, settlement services and Friday Welcome Centre drop-in are all active – see our calendar for full details of what’s on.

In October, we’ll be starting our fourth Immigrant Peer Educator Program (IPEP) – this is a free 8-week program is a great way to practice your English, learn new communication skills and meet new people. At the same time, you will hear about services and support in Whistler including health, education and jobs, banking and money, your rights in Canada, and how to help other newcomers and immigrants.

Also in October, our first Parenting Across Cultures program for multicultural mums of babies 0-12 months will start. We’re hoping this first program will lead to expanded sessions in the future supporting parents of children across the age ranges. To build our understanding of multicultural parenting in Canada, we’re also inviting parents to a focus group to share with the joys and challenges of being a parent in a different culture.

If you’re interested in joining the IPEP or Parenting Across Cultures program or focus group, contact Andrea Dunne either by phone at 604.698.5960, by email at or at the WMN at

Another exciting project is the Whistler’s Multicultural Kitchens cookbook we’re developing from the community kitchens program and the food we cooked for the Whistler Multicultural Festival in 2016 and 2017. This 2017 edition will have 10 recipes and stories from the cooks who shared their food with us. It’ll be ready for the end of November, so an easy Christmas present and a great way to support the WMN!

To see full details of our meeting, check out the September 2017 Minutes. To get updated on what’s on and planned see our WMN Bulletin September 2017.

Our next Advisory Board meeting will be on Monday October 30, from 5.30 to 7pm at the Whistler Welcome Centre – everyone welcome, so if you’d like to get involved with cultural sharing, developing programs to support immigrants and newcomers, or just want to meet new people, why not come along… If you’d like to receive full meeting details, or learn more about the WMN, drop us an email at or call 604.698.5960.

Nutrition Workshop “LIFE WITHOUT DAIRY”

Join our Nutrition Workshop this Friday, September 29, 2017, 10:00-12:00pm at the Whistler Public Library.

Come learn alternative sources of calcium and tips on how to maintain positive calcium balance in the body for strong bones.
We invited Sarah, experienced nutritionist, certified Plant Based Chef to tell us more about Dairy alternatives.

“Do it together, learn it together”

Would you like to learn new skills and participate in creative activities with your children?

“Do It Together, Learn It Together” Family and Child Education Program is back.
Its a great opportunity for parents, caregivers and children to learn new life skills through hands-on activities and crafts. 

Come and join us every Thursday 10am to 12pm at Welcome Centre at the Whistler Public Library.

 and join us every Thursday 10am to 12pm at Welcome Centre at the Whistler Public Library.

September Advisory Board Meeting

The September WMN Advisory Board Meeting will take place on Monday, September 25 from 5.30-7.30pm at the Welcome Centre.

Come and join us to hear about our new programs and help us plan 2018

On Monday, we’ll be:

  • starting to plan the 2018 Whistler Multicultural Festival
  • reviewing the program plan for the new Parents Across Cultures sessions to get your thoughts/suggestions
  • asking you to look at the design and project plan for the Multicultural Cookbook we are starting to develop.

Please come along and join us. We’d love to see you there.

Crafts Corner Bookmarks

Would you like to make your own bookmarks and spend some time together?
Join us September 15th, 10-12pm at the Whistler Public Library – meeting at Fireplace Lounge this Friday!
Everybody is welcome!

Microsoft Word Drop-in

Microsoft Word Drop-in coming up this Friday!
Come and learn how to create, save and print word … Plus feel free to come with other questions about this program? 

WMN Advisory Board minutes

The WMN Advisory Board and guests met on June 26 to review and celebrate the 2017 Festival. They also heard what else the Welcome Centre is doing, and the plans for the summer and fall.

Click here for the June 2017 Minutes reporting what we talked about, and for the Balance sheet WMF 2017 showing all expenses and income, and also how much we received from sponsors and volunteers. General agreement was that this year’s Festival was very vibrant and fun. It was great to have our own food again plus so many great activities and performances. Everyone liked the new layout and we’ll plan with that in mind for next year.

The Advisory Board continues to look at formalizing the organization into a non-profit society and that will be in the agenda again at our next meeting on September 25.

If you’d like to know more about the WMN Advisory Board, come and join us on September 25 or email

Canada Day Parade

The Pemberton Multicultural Network will be walking in the Canada Day Parade on July 1st.  If you would like to be part of this please meet at the downtown community barn at 9 a.m. dressed in your traditional clothing.  The parade starts at 10 a.m. followed by a cake cutting, children’s arts and crafts, dance party and farmers market at the Community Center from 11-2 p.m.  The Pemberton Public Library will also be announcing the winners of the 2017 Photo Challenge.  Come celebrate Canada’s 150!

A Huge Thank You!

from the Whistler Multicultural Network to all those who made the 2017 Whistler Multicultural Festival another great success… We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did…



Thanks to Our Volunteers: Addyta Alonzo Ramirez, Adriana Molina, Ayako Yamaguchi, Barbora Piatkova, Belle Menesis, Benjie Accanogan, Carla Eguez Paz, Celia Law Utley, Chantelle Shore, Dignoi Leona Suarez, Emma Becerra Salinas, Eva Wei, Evelyn Hernandez, Faye Seco, Heinz Wango, Ikuyo Takaya, Irma Gomez Ferrer, Ivan Pedro, Jennifer Stimpson, Jill Nowack-Dawson, Jinda Poosa-Ard, Karoline Madsen, Krystin Matters, Lisa Briscoe, Lorenz Paragoso, Lorenzo Paragoso, Martin Stretch, Marvin Corona, Miyuki Yamaguchi, Nobuaki Nakagawa, Paulo Aguilera, Priscilla Belanger, Ramon Espada, Randa Hiswani, Santiago Farell, Stephane Belanger, Suzie Soman, Teresa Vazquez, Therese Quilantang, Weslie Walchuk, Yoshie Nakagawa, Yuko Thibeault, Yuriko Nonaka (Koni)

Thanks to Our Performers: Aeron Pita, Angela Jeren Tangonan, Ann Beatriz Pescador, Charlize Littlelight, Christina Joy Paredes, Gerald Gabriel, Gian Kaylee Tangonan, Iris Joy Paguia, Israel de Real, James Paguia, Jenn & Benjamin Embate, Jenna Mae & The Groove Section, Kinderchoir – Jeanette Bruce & Alison Hunter, Lily Duke & Latin Dancers, Nellie Bingas & Igorot Dancers, Reign Rivera, Vernika Lyka Limsipson, Whistler Tai Chi Wushu, Xet’oclaw Community School

Thanks to Our Vendors & Exhibitors: Ajita Chaubal, Community Foundation of Whistler, Forged Axe Throwing, ISSofBC, Kia-anne Garthwaite, Lexsan Sancha, Aurae Tea, Pemberton Multicultural Network, Squamish Aikido, The Rocking Wok, Whistler Community Services, Work BC

Thanks to Our Sponsors and Funders: Aava Hotel, AWARE, Canadian Heritage, David’s Tea, Mexican Corner, Nesters, Pique Newsmagazine, Province of BC, RMOW, Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, Vancouver Coastal Health, Watermark Inc, Whistler Conference Centre, Whistler FM, Whistler Museum and staff, Whistler Public Library and staff

Our Special Thanks to: Rob Olive and Jesse for their 3rd year managing, Nikki Best for MCing again, and Our amazing food team: Aila Sears, Chia Chia Chen, Daniel Vidal Araneda, Haruna Sears, Jessica Pena Garcia, Kona Higashi, Kyoko Sears, Miyuki Kurumada, Miyuki Maema, Oscar Araiza, Satsuki Shoji, Take Tanaka

And Very Special Thanks to Our All Stars of 2017: Chizuko Higashi, Elisa Corona Medina, Izumi Inoue, Keiko Ogawa, Michael Andre, Romina Wells, Sachi Miyachi, Yuko Murose, Yumiko Fukagawa

The Festival is You!