About Us

Formed in 2012, the Whistler Multicultural Network (WMN) and Pemberton Multicultural Network (PMN) are groups of local immigrants and other interested community members working together to support, inform and connect immigrants in Whistler and Pemberton. Programs and services are delivered through the Welcome Centres in Whistler and Pemberton.


We support immigrants to build skills and knowledge for success in Canada through a range of services, programs and workshops. In addition to ESL groups and conversation circles, all training programs and workshops provide opportunities for ESL immigrants and newcomers of all levels to develop their language skills in a supportive and diverse environment.

Newcomers and immigrants can develop their language and communication skills, knowledge and workplace competences through regularly scheduled programs including the community leadership program, multicultural community kitchens, community volunteer income tax program in Whistler, the Pemberton community garden, and immigrant peer educator program. Ongoing social activities provide more opportunities for immigrants to come together to develop skills and knowledge for a better life in Canada.

The WMN and PMN work with other local social services providers to design and deliver programming to support immigrants in our communities.


We inform immigrants about key settlement issues to help them
successfully navigate Canadian employment, finance, health, education and life in general.

Settlement Services in Whistler and Pemberton help in planning for settlement, information and orientation for immigrants and newcomers, referrals service to other supports and services in the community and locally. For online information and connections, our website maintains a comprehensive range of information about life in Canada, Whistler and Pemberton: housing, healthcare, employment, education and training, money and banking, transportation, living with children, community services and support. Find information on community events, training, volunteering opportunities plus updates on key immigration topics on our blog.


We connect immigrants to the community via volunteering, cultural sharing, mentoring and information sharing. Immigrants can build Canadian experience by volunteering with the WMN and PMN, and our key community partners.

Trained Immigrant Peer Educators support immigrants in the community and in the workplace, and volunteer with key partners to outreach and support all newcomers.

Each year, in June, we organise and manage the Whistler Multicultural Festival – a celebration of local and growing multiculturalism. In partnership with the Whistler Public Library and the Whistler Museum, locals and immigrants from both Whistler and Pemberton come together to have fun through cultural activities, performances and food.