Advisory Board

The Whistler Multicultural Network (WMN) and Pemberton Multicultural Network (PMN) is led by advisory boards of immigrant volunteers who input to the development of new programs, and advise on services needed by immigrants in our community. In addition, the Whistler Multicultural Network’s Advisory Board members help organize the annual Whistler Multicultural Festival.

If you are interested in finding out how to become a WMN Advisory Board member, please contact If you’d like to know more about becoming a member of the PMN Advisory Board, please contact

Advisory Board Members

Carla Eguez Paz

How and/or why did you come to Whistler? I came to Whistler through out the program Caregiver.

What do you love about Whistler? I think that Whistler is a natural paradise. It’s amazing that one day could be snowing and the next day you can see a shiny sun on your window but feeling a cold breeze. And that’s is exactly what I love about this town. Also, what I like about Whistler is that people here are very supportive each other and that makes this town on an special community.

How did you become involved with the WMN? By accident. I was just looking to improve my English. However, I finished involved with the WMN. But, I think that it was the best accident that could have happened to me.

Why do you choose to volunteer for the WMN? Be a volunteer is always a responsibility but be part of the WMN volunteer’s group is twice. Because, in the WMN meetings the volunteers and the heads of the WMN talk about several important issues that will help and contribute to the present and future of many immigrants here in Whistler. And, that’s why I choose to be a volunteer for the WMN because I am an immigrant and I really interested of knowing everything that could help us to grow as person, worker, professional but above all to help other immigrants like me.

Masumi Yamazaki

How and/or why did you come to Whistler? I came to Canada and moved to Whistler for a better opportunity.

What do you love about Whistler? Surrounded by the beautiful nature, very safe environment and friendly people are very appealing part of living in Whistler.

How did you become involved with the WMN? I needed to improve my English like everyone whose English is a second language.  Fortunately, I found that WMN offer the free ESL class and started taking some classes.

Why do you choose to volunteer for the WMN? Because WMN helped me so much for many ways, so I decided I would like to be involved with WMN.  Also I choose to volunteer for the WMN to participate to our community in some degree.

Marie Romero

Why did you come to Whistler? I first visited Whistler in the early 2000. I feel in love to the place. So when I had an offer to work here, I grabbed the opportunity and never look back.

What do you love about Whistler? The resort has its own unique personality. It offers a lot of lifestyle choices. You can combine work and play thus having an active lifestyle. Above all, I love meeting different kind people from around the world.

How did you become involved with the WMN? I had always been volunteering for different organizations. I have a friend who is very enthusiastic about WMN. And she got me actively involved.

Why do you choose to volunteer for the WMN? WMN is committed in helping and supporting newcomers. As a long-time immigrant, I would like to share my knowledge and experiences to newcomers. It is a privilege to be a part of this community.

Mildred Todilla

How and/or why did you come to Whistler? My sister sponsored us to become a permanent resident. She’s been living in Whistler for 14 years and have come to love the place. We arrived here back in 2007.We’re so amazed by the beauty of Whistler.

What do you love about Whistler? I love the place itself, the fresh air, the picturesque view, the cleanliness coz I’m a nature lover. I’m so surprised of how the people have managed to preserved the beauty of the environment, like for instance the lakes here are so pretty and the gorgeous mountains they. No wonder why most of the people keeps on coming back to spend their vacations here. There’s a lot of outdoor activities that you can do too. The nice and friendly people. It’s nice to meet and be around people from all over the world.

How did you become involved with the WMN? I’ve learned about WMN from a friend Marie, she told me about WMN and I got really interested to become a part of it.

Why do you choose to volunteer for the WMN? I have been invited to the board meetings and every time I would attend, I get so inspired and moved how passionate everyone is in helping the community. It has been such a joy and inspiration for me to have been a volunteer.

Mariana Teneva

How and/or why did you come to Whistler? In 2002, as a fresh-off-the-boat immigrant struggling to make ends meet in Vancouver, a friend suggested that it might be easier to find a full time job in Whistler. It was late autumn and just in time for peak season. I made a call and luckily got an interview and soon after landed my first job with the Mountain. Moving to Whistler was a pragmatic decision not an emotional one, so in a way you can say I came for the job and stayed for the mountain and the people.

What do you love about Whistler? For me, the Whistler lifestyle was a not a love at first sight (I’m no skier!), rather a spark that grew over time. Today, I am completely head over heels in love with this community. I like being able to walk everywhere, not having to worry about traffic. I cherish the kind of connection with people only a small community can give you, and enjoy biking, hiking and the local Toastmasters club. I have even decided to give skiing another shot…. Next year.

How did you become involved with the WMN? During the 2012 Whistler Intercultural Celebration, I met Carole Stretch who told me about the Whistler English as a Second Language Settlement Assistance Program. At the time I had been in Whistler for 10 years but it was news to me that there enough immigrants here for such a program to run. As an Eastern European trying to make a full time life in the community I had grown used to being seen as an exotic fluke. That same autumn I joined the first Community Leadership Program offered by the WMN and then there was the next project, and the next… I’ve been involved ever since.

Why do you choose to volunteer for the WMN? I encountered something interesting, got curious and then brought intense focus to it… pretty much how I do things… and often how I get into trouble. But seriously, what the WMN has meant for me is so precious! It has been a wonderful chance and an honour to engage with a community of people who care and genuinely want to connect with and support others. This is a tight, warm, sincere group that provides a safe environment for people to be themselves. It also fosters comfort and confidence in its members to try on new roles, new things and grow. I want to be a part of it, and do my part to grow and support it.

Cecilia Lobato
How and/or why did you come to Whistler?
We received a job opportunity and we decided as a family that it will give us a better kind of life.

What do you love about Whistler? The life you can create here, is full of possibilities.

How did you become involved with the WMN? Looking for English courses. One thing led to others and I found more programs and activities for me and my family and a great group who works hard to give more options and knowledge to the newcomers.

Why do you choose to volunteer for the WMN? When I received the invitation to participate, I thought that it will be a good opportunity to give, contribute and share my point of view as an immigrant hoping that it can help to achieve more and better results for the WMN.
The WMN advisory board meets regularly. You can check our events calendar for the next meeting day, time and location. New participants are always welcome so come along.

If you’d like more information, please contact