Vision and Goals

Our Vision is to be recognized and respected in both the immigrant and wider communities in Whistler and Pemberton as the principal advocates for diversity in our communities, central provider of information, skills, programs and services to support immigrants, and the foundation of strong and meaningful connections between immigrants and the local communities.

Our Mission is to support immigrants and their communities in Whistler through dynamic, responsive and evolving programs, services and initiatives and to build cultural awareness, understanding and acceptance in the wider community. In Pemberton, through supporting the successful integration of new community members and by celebrating the diversity of our community we instill pride in our cultural mosaic for this generation and generations to come.’

Our Core Values in all events, activities, projects and interactions are to:

  • Be inclusive & respectful
  • Be helpful, honest & active
  • Be open-minded and patient
  • Be positive and encouraging
  • Work together to achieve goals
  • Educate others
  • Be financially responsible

The WMN and PMN aim to

  • Empower and enable immigrants to participate more fully in Whistler and Canadian civic, business and social life and to advocate for their own skills and communities
  • Provide a welcoming place, both physical and virtual, for everyone new into Whistler, whether they are immigrants or Canadians, English or non-English speaking, refugees, short or long-term residents, where individuals can meet, access (easy to read, easy to access) information and support, and interact.
  • Provide opportunities for interaction between members of immigrant communities, and between immigrant and local Canadian communities.
  • Provide opportunities for education and training, in particular to assist immigrant individuals to become more able to grow and develop within the workplace.
  • Develop awareness and understanding of the multiple cultures represented in the community of Whistler, promote dialogue and interaction, and build an appreciation of the skills and experiences brought to the community by newcomers and immigrants.
  • Work with social services and other agencies to identify improvements/changes/additions to current support services to best serve the needs of newcomers and immigrants.