April Advisory Board Minutes

Whistler Multicultural Network

Advisory Board Meeting – Minutes

April 24, 2017 at Whistler Welcome Centre


Meeting called to order at 5.30pm



Andrea Dunne, Carla Eguez Paz, Carole Stretch, Chizuko Higashi, Karolina Cadova, Karoline Madsen, Maria Romero, Priscilla Belanger,

Regrets: Belle Menesis, Masumi Yamazaki, Barbora Vanickova, Ghazal Tohidi





Monthly report      

Attendees were encouraged to read report prior to meeting. News: Parenting Across Cultures received funding approval from the CFOW and Multicultural Community Kitchens received funding approval from RMOW.


Whistler Multicultural Festival 


Marie is going connect with Joy about returning as dancers.

Andrea is working on maybe a salsa dancer and Carmen the Zumba teacher. Karolina will connect a Greek Musician with Andrea.

** Any performance inquiries pass on to Andrea**

Suggestion: kids to learn their cultural dances


Pinatas, Dreamcatchers, Calligraphy, Photo Booth? Do it differently – have 1 or 2 costumes, show how to wear it and then take a photo.

Henna Tattoos – Andrea to connect with Ajita about her friend to do them as a fundraiser (by donation).

**Any activities inquiries pass on to Barbora or Andrea or Carole**

Food vendors

Commercial Kitchen almost secured at the CABN (Aava Hotel)

Nesters has pledged $500 of food, PC maybe the same.

**Any food inquiries pass on to Barbora**

Multicultural Market

** Any market inquiries pass on to Andrea**

Ajita’s stall – Indian Chutneys and spreads.


Funding has been approved by Heritage Canada and BC Gaming

Logistics & Promotion

Florence Petersen Park has now been booked

Plaza to hold market, karaoke and axe throwing.

Confirmed everything Rob Olive will be able to provide as Event Manager.


Pitch – in Day                     

Priscilla has had 8 inquiries, 4 confirmations of volunteers.

Andrea to re-post the flyer on the group on Tuesday and then the page later this week.

Location – Day lots along with the Village Host group, meet at the Library, meeting 9am.



Communication Items        

Please see sheet. Please talk to people in your network about these items


Core Funding          

Funding comes from IRCC, SMART Fund, BCSIS. Funding has been cut this year and will continue to be cut over the next 2 years making it challenging to cover Welcome Centre staffing costs (3 part-time staff members). WMN has been asked for some money to be made available to the Welcome Centre to help cover staffing costs if needed, in order to maintain staffing levels and/or operational costs.

AB discussed how much $ and what to allocate it to. AB to think about this proposal over the next month.


WMN process to non-profit incorporation:        

WMN currently a community group. Challenges with this include funding applications have to be made with a partner.

Choices we have – stay as we are, become a society. Carole   to circulate the presentation about how to become a society, next meeting will discuss the possibilities.


Announcements & New Business    

Chizuko had a great idea to develop a Multicultural Summer  Camp in Whistler – lots of possibilities, can even apply for funding to run it and perhaps then create some revenue for the WMN – to be discussed.


Adjournment        Meeting adjourned at 7pm.

Next Board Meeting: Monday May 29, 5.30pm

Location: Whistler Welcome Centre


Prepared by Andrea Dunne