BC’s Emergency Benefit for Workers

Starting May 1st 2020, you can apply for the BC emergency benefit for workers. This benefit is extra to the Federal government benefits such as EI or CERB

The B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers is a tax-free, one-time $1,000 payment for B.C. residents who cannot work because of COVID-19.

You are eligible if…..

If you receive a payment and it is discovered later you are not eligible, you may have to pay it back with interest and fines.

What You Need To Apply:

Social Insurance Number

When you apply, you will  need your Social Insurance Number (SIN), Individual Tax Number (ITN), or Temporary Tax Number (TTN) to verify your eligibility.

Direct deposit information for your bank account

*  The B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers will only be paid by direct deposit to your bank account. 

The picture below shows how to find the numbers you will for direct deposit information on a cheque. (If your cheque looks different to the one below, you can look it up online, type your bank name and cheque, for example TD cheque or CIBC cheque, then look at online images).

*  If you don’t use cheques, contact your bank to get the numbers. 

The $1,000 payment will be made by direct deposit to your personal bank account within 10 business days after you apply. 

How to Apply:


You can apply online starting May 1, 2020. Applying online is safe, secure and only takes minutes.

*  You can apply anytime, from anywhere, using any device, including your smart phone.

*  Applying online is the fastest way to get your benefit.

Your personal information is protected and secure when you apply.

Documentation isn’t required when you apply. However, all applications will be verified and you may be asked for proof of your eligibility at a later date.


You can apply by telephone starting May 4, 2020. This option is for people who don’t have internet access. There will be many people calling so apply online if you can.  

From Friday May 1st you can call for information 

within BC 1-855-955-3545

Outside BC  1-778-309-4630 

Monday – Friday 8.30 – 4.30 pm.