How can we say thank you to our volunteers?

We had an interesting Advisory Board meeting last week – our first since the summer… and had a long discussion on how we can best thank all the people who volunteer to help us through the year – at the Multicultural Festival, in the Community Volunteer Income Tax program, as immigrant peer educators, as cooks at the Multicultural Community Kitchens and just generally helping out.

To start the meeting, we talked about all the programs and services that are currently happening, and introduced new staff to the group. You can read the WMN Report October 2018 here.

We then looked at the final balance sheet for the 2018 Multicultural Festival to see how it’s the volunteers who help us that make the Festival possible. If you’re interested in seeing that, click here to check out the Summary balance sheet WMF 2018.

Eight years of managing the Festival finances successfully, have given us a healthy bank balance and the group discussed whether we should be using these funds to support immigrants more, for example, to provide childcare, and to make sure we can maintain Welcome Centre staff hours.

A big suggestion was made that we should use the money to support our volunteers and to develop activities and events to thank them regularly. One idea is to have a big barbecue for all our volunteers after the Festival each year. Do you have ideas on how we can start celebrating our volunteers better? Then let us know… You can send a comment to this post (below) or contact us at – or just come by the Welcome Centre and have a chat.

We’ll be putting together some ideas over the next month or so and hope to talk about these at our next Advisory Board meeting at the end of November. Why not come and join us at that?

In the meantime, put the 2018 Welcome Centre Christmas potluck in your calendar…. hope to see you on Sunday December 2 from 5pm…