Board Meeting on April 10th, 2013

Here is the agenda for the upcoming Board Meeting:

Pemberton Multicultural Network Board Meeting

April 10, 2013





Agenda Item Notes Action
Approval of Agenda    
Approval of March Board meeting minutes & review of action items  


Regional Update:

  • Regional Advisory Committee (RAC)
  • Regional Forum – invitations and presentation










Welcoming Communities

  • Update
  • Plans for activities
Embrace BC application    
Other Items:

  • Foodsafe
  • Ironman
  • Fundraising
  • Non-profit status



Next meeting date    


Regional Forum Invite!

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Hello Network! On April 26th, 2013 we are planning a Regional Forum throughout the Sea to Sky (Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish) with the board from each area, and other service providers to work together to understand the issues for immigrants and access to services. Below is the link for the actual invite. We need at least six board members to attend. Please email, facebook or call Melissa to sign up.


Regional Forum invite

RAC March 19th, 2013


Want to attend the RAC to know whats happening in the the corridor and have a voice?!? Email Melissa at to sign up and for transportation information. The RAC is on March 19th at 9:30 am to 11:30am. Hope to hear from you!!

Board meeting minutes from March 4, 2013

Pemberton Multicultural Network Board Meeting

March 4, 2013

Attended: Fanny Fen Yeh Kuei, Yuko Thibeault, Carole Stretch, Melissa Yon, Ann Chua, Mika Matsudate, Elisa Corona M, Marvin Hernandez Corona.


Agenda   Item Notes Action
Approval   of Agenda   Approved
Approval   of January Board meeting minutes & review of action items  


Regional   Update:

  •   Outreach   Workers



  •   Regional   Advisory Committee (RAC)

Outreach   workers hired in Whistler (Akiho Matsunaga) and in Pemberton (Melissa Yon).


Next RAC   is on March 19th, 2013 at Spring Creek Social Services Centre from 9:30   am to 11:30am. Melissa to attend plus all Board members also invited. Melissa   can offer transportation and will re-issue invite to Board members the week   before the meeting.

Regional Forum in   April (date still being discussed). Outreach Workers, board members from   Pemberton, Whistler and Squamish to get together with service agencies, and   other organisations interfacing with immigrants, from across the Sea to Sky   corridor. Boards from each region and service providers will present at event   to pass on key directions, learning experiences and activities. PMN board to   develop 5 minute presentation and agree presenter/team.





Melissa to   email/facebook Board with invitation to RAC the week before.

Invitations   to Regional Forum to be sent out once date is decided.


PMN board   to agree presentation and presenter.


Welcoming   Communities Update Welcoming Communities   Action Plan for Pemberton submitted to the Ministry. Plan includes:

  •   Settlement   services to be delivered by a settlement worker recruited by SSCS, and a   mentoring program developed to support community connections.
  •   Adaptation   of the WMN website for Pemberton
  •   Additional   Community Development & Leadership training for immigrants in tandem with   leaders and volunteers from local organizations
  •   Regular   cultural dialogues and intercultural activities organized by the PMN.   Additionally, trained immigrants will facilitate intercultural dialogues   within various local organizations, clubs, etc.
  •   The   2nd Pemberton Multicultural Week will be sponsored.
  •   a   space that can be accessed regularly by immigrants, a ‘multicultural hub’,   will be sourced.
  •   Two   workshops for business leaders and employers

Approval   is expected by mid-March.

Wait   to hear approval and for settlement worker information.
Embrace   BC application







Application   finalised and submitted. Board reviewed application and items requested for Capacity   Building for the PMN including computer training on business and other useful   software, computer hardware, printer, router, and capital equipment to aid in   delivery of events and activities.

In order   to submit application, PMN vision, mission, goals, values and guiding   principles were formalised from visioning work done at the CD & L   training in fall 2012. Board reviewed and approved these.

Response   date to hear whether application is successful is March 31, 2013.

Other   Items:

  •   Foodsafe









  •   Whistler   movie




  •    Non-profit   status







  •    Funding/planning   for PMN 2013

8 Foodsafe   spaces still available to be used. James Linklater has offered either Monday   March 26 or Sunday March 31. Timing will be approx. 8.30am – 5.30pm. Board   felt March 31 would be preferred and is easier to access a room for the   training. Previously identified to be offered places in the first instance   were: Fanny, Miho, Toshi, Sandy, Maria, Fe, Eri, Kinu, Carole.  These individuals to be contacted and   offered March 31. If insufficient people are available alternative date(s) to   be sourced from James. Board asked if childcare would be available for   participants. No budget currently available. If participants request, this   may be reviewed.

Those who   completed Foodsafe in November should be receiving certificates soon.

WMN is   participating in the 72 hour filmmaker challenge from April 12-15. There will   be opportunities to help if people are interested. They will be posted on the   blog and facebook.

Due to   lack of time, the group was unable to discuss the requirements to move to   non-profit status sufficiently. Board requested a summary of pros and cons be   provided as well as copies of full information on incorporating a non-profit   society in BC. While group decided to take time to think about application   and process, this will remain on the agenda to move forward.

Fundraising   for the PMN was discussed to generate money for more activities.

  1.   Legion   dinners was revisited and agreed as a good potential first fundraiser and   requested more detailed information in particular: average number of diners,   number of dinners that should be planned for, set up and cleaning, available   dates.
  2.   Providing   a volunteer team for the Ironman competition in August was proposed as an   additional way to fundraise. Non-profit organisations can apply for $1000   grant if they supply 20 volunteers for the event. Volunteers do not need to   be PMN members. Board agreed to submit an application. Melissa was agreed as   volunteer team captain and funds would be used to support the 2013 Pemberton   Multicultural Week.

Melissa to   poll members for FoodSafe courses dates in March.










Carole to   provide information on moving to non-profit status plus pros and cons.





Melissa to   research fundraising dinners at the Legion and report to Board.


Melissa to   complete application for grant and generate a volunteer list prior to event.


Next   meeting date To be   agreed. Melissa to   poll members for best time/date.



Minutes of PMN Board meeting January 24

Pemberton Multicultural Network Board Meeting – January 24, 2013

Attended: Fanny Fen Yeh Kuei, Toshi Kawano, Yuko Thibeault, Carole Stretch, Lolita Olmstead, Mae Real

Regrets: Mika Matsudate, Misun Lammens


Agenda Item Notes Action
Approval of   Agenda   Approved
Outreach   Worker recruitment Carole confirmed that the Outreach Worker   job description established in December 2012 had been reviewed and agreed by   SSCS. The OW will be paid as a contract worker by SSCS on monthly invoice,   signed off by Carole.


The job has been advertised in the Pique   and via the PMN blog and facebook page. Cut off date for applications is   Monday 28 January. Hiring committee then needs to select and interview. SSCS   will participate in final interview. Hiring committee agreed as Carole, Fanny   and Erie.


Welcoming   Communities Carole confirmed PMN is sitting at the Pemebrton Welcoming   Communities Community Partnership which is identifying activities for   welcoming communities – to make the community more welcoming and inclusive.   Toshi and Ann attended the first planning meeting on January 8.  Plan will include settlement services   development (in addition to the ESLSAP). This will include the appointment of   a settlement worker to provide information and referral, assisted access to   services, some orientation and potentially counseling. This funding will also   provide for additional outreach worker activities, including development of a   (peer) mentorship program. It is hoped to be able to deliver orientation   workshops including financial literacy for immigrants. Welcoming communities   activities are being explored to include the funding of a meeting place for   immigrants and the PMN as well as those that could potentially allow for the   payment of immigrants to facilitate workshops and events.


Board discussed whether the PMN should become a more formal   non-profit group so that potentially funding could be directly allocated to   the PMN to run such cultural workshops and events. Board voted in favour of   exploring this option. Carole to investigate and report back.

















Carole to research steps to move to   formal non-profit status and report to Board.

Pemberton   Cultural Roundtable The Village   of Pemberton (VoP) has invited the PMN to nominate a representative to the   VoP Cultural Roundtable. Lolita agreed to do this. Carole to   give Lolita’s name to VoP as Cultural Roundtable representative.
Embrace BC   application Board agreed that PMN should apply for   Embrace BC funding through the capacity building Stream B. Suggestions for   items to be included in this application included:

  • 3        computers (1 desktop and 2 laptops) and own wireless router for PMN        network
  • Laser        printer and digital camera for member communications
  • Coffee        machine and barbecue for events
  • Projector
  • PA        system and speakers
  • Lockable        storage
  • Folding        tables and chairs for outdoors events
  • Children’s        toys and activities materials
  • Training        courses – business and computer to include items such as excel, social        media, accounting, presentation skills etc.









Carole to   write draft application and circulate to Board for approval/ comments

Any Other   Business Due to difficulty gaining a date for next   Foodsafe course for 8 more members, it was suggested that members are polled   for suitable dates in March (before the soccer season starts) and James   Linklater asked to book this.


Toshi gave an update on the plan to   participate in the Telus WSSF 72 hour film maker showdown in April. He   confirmed a full planning meeting will be scheduled shortly for anyone who   would like to volunteer.


Carole to poll members for FoodSafe   courses dates in March.
Next meeting   date To be agreed. Carole to poll members for best   time/date.


PMN seeking Multicultural Outreach Worker

Are you interested in working to develop more services and supports for immigrants in Pemberton? Would you like to help build awareness of what the immigrant communities bring to, and how they might participate in, the wider community of Pemberton?

Pemberton Multicultural Network is seeking a part-time temporary contract Multicultural Outreach Worker, starting immediately, to connect with the diverse newcomer and immigrant communities in Whistler to identify their needs for support, link them to existing services/supports for immigrants as volunteers, users or advisors, and to help develop new services/supports as required.  Initially, approx. 8 hours per week for 26 months, with possible expansion/renewal subject to funding.

Click here for the full : Pemberton Outreach Worker job description

If you are interested, please submit your resume with cover letter and three work/volunteer related references to

Apply by 5pm Monday 28 January 2013.

Planning Pemberton Multicultural Week

Congratulations and thanks to Mika who attended the Pemberton Village Council meeting last Tuesday evening. As a result of that, we have been awarded $1500 from the Village of Pemberton to help us with planning the Pemberton Multicultural Week. So now we can move forward and plan the event 🙂

The first thing we need to do is get people to sign up to participate in either the main event on November 17 or to run their own event in the week of November 17-23 that we can include in the advertising and promotion.

We have written a one-page description and invitation to the event, plus a sign-up form for people who would like to participate to complete and return us so that we can see how many tables we will need and how many performers we will have. Please everyone, think of who might want to participate… do they know a craft that they could show? can they sing or dance? do they play a sport that could be demonstrated? do they have a business that could organise a cultural event or take a table at the main event?

We are hoping that individuals, groups, organisations and businesses will all want to take part. We need to use all our contacts in Pemberton and nearby, so please start talking to people about the event and ask them to come along – participate – tell their friends… Handout the invitation and sign up form to everyone you think might be interested. They can return those forms either to Community Services or by email to

Click here to download the flyer and sign up form PMN – Pemberton Multicultural Week announcement & participant form

Any questions…. you can post a comment/question here…

Advisory Board meeting September 13

The PMN advisory board met last Thursday 13 September and there was a lot on the agenda. Rotary pemberton has invited PMN to participate in the Day of Peace on September 21. We’re planning to create, with the community, an origami crane tree – volunteers needed!! We’re also starting to plan for the Pemberton Multicultural Week we have applied for money for, so watch this space to see how you can help and participate. We also welcomed Jill Brooksbank from the Village of Pemberton. She has invited the PMN to present at the October Pemberton Council Meeting and introduced us to Tourism Pemberton and the Chamber of Commerce – things are definitely busy and exciting! To read all the details click here Minutes Pemberton Advisory Board September 13, 2012

Update on PMN plans for autumn..

And here are the notes on last Thursday’s meeting PMN board meeting August 23, 2012. Check out our plans for the Pemberton Multicultural Week in November… and the Peace Day celebration on September 22…

PMN Advisory Board and other meetings – summer 2012

The PMN Board has been busy over the summer and has now applied for some money (with the help of the Pemberton Public Library) to organise a multicultural celebration in Pemberton this November. Here are the notes on the meeting we held at the end of July PMN advisory board meeting July 28 2012. Next meeting to start planning is tomorrow, August 23, at 4pm at the Pemberton Library.