Parenting Across Cultures

The Whistler Welcome Centre is delighted to announce the beginning of our new program, Parenting Across Cultures, beginning on Wednesday November 1st. With thanks to generous funding from the Community Foundation of Whistler, Sea to Sky Community Services and Whistler Multicultural Network, the Welcome Centre is able to offer this program.

Parenting Across Cultures is a 6 week program, every Wednesday morning at 10-12, from November 1st until December 6th 2017. We will meet at the Maury Young Arts Centre (formerly Millenium Place). Registration is required and babies are welcome too. The program will be facilitated by certified counsellor, Lana Lutke, as well as Welcome Centre and Sea to Sky Community Services staff.

Settling into life in a new culture is a huge adjustment and it can take many years before you feel fully adapted. Becoming a parent is certainly a joyful time in your life but it can also bring about new challenges as you continue your adjustment to a new culture. Parenting Across Cultures offers a safe and supportive environment for immigrant moms to meet, connect and share their experiences as multicultural parents. The program aims to help you be a successful multicultural parent in Whistler and to help you build a support network as a newcomer to Canada.

Come and join us to celebrate you, your babies and your culture!



WMN Spring Newsletter 2017

Finally real spring is here and the Welcome Centre has so much to offer. Come and share some delicious food during our spring potluck, take a photography class and be part of our photo contest, or help to clean the Earth during Pitch In Day…

Spring Calendar

  • Pitch in Day – On May 6 you can volunteer and help clean up Whistler after winter.
  • Show Us Your Whistler: Photography workshop May 7,Ÿ Submit your photos by May  22
  • Spring Potluck – Celebrate spring on May 7
  • Multicultural Community Kitchen – the real taste of Taiwan – May 16
  • Whistler Multicultural Festival – the festival for locals is here – June 9

This spring, Monday settlement drop-in for any questions or information needs, and Friday drop-ins with skills training, cultural sharing and other activities continue each week. There’ll be more multicultural community kitchens and ESL groups continue. If you are interested in any of our programs or events please contact us by phone (604.698.5960) or email


We had lots of programs over the season including the highly successful Tax Clinics. We also had several info sessions – Tod from Licence to Drive came to talk about how to successfully get your driver’s licence, Priscilla and Andrea visited from Work BC, and Mika from Sakura Bookkeeping gave us some tips on tax deductions and filing our taxes. We celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day and the Sakura festival. On April 10, we launched the Show Us Your Whistler photo challenge and we’re now full on planning for the Whistler Multicultural Festival.

For a full list of upcoming events and activities visit our website at

Show Us Your Whistler photo challenge celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and our great community, the WMN in partnership with the Library, is organizing the ‘Show us Your Whistler’ photo challenge.  We are inviting all community members to take a photo showing how they ‘belong’ to Whistler, in the categories: My home, My culture, My town, My work, My family.

Winners in each category will be announced, and the See Your Whistler  photo display will be launched, at the Whistler Multicultural Festival at the Library on June 9 at 6pm. Visit the See Your Whistler display from June 9 to September 6 at the Whistler Public Library.

FREE! photo workshops

As part of the photo challenge, we are organizing 2 free workshops at the Whistler Public Library on April 21 (10am to 12pm) and/or May 7 (6 to 8pm). Local photographer, Toshi Kawano, will teach the basics; composition, exposure, settings; and focus on photographing people (portrait and candid). Bring your camera, or just your phone, to learn more. To register, or for questions, email


Citizenship Test

Since IRCC brought in changes to the Citizenship application process, they also introduced changes to the Citizenship Test, making it more difficult to pass. If you are preparing for your Citizenship Test, be sure to study the latest materials available on the CIC website

Pitch in Day

Next up – the WMN is participating in Pitch In Day this spring! You can volunteer and help clean the beautiful place we live in. We meet on May 6 at 9 AM in parking lot 4 by the staircase. Everyone will get free gloves, garbage bags and a t-shirt. After cleaning we will enjoy an amazing BBQ at the Fire Hall!!

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program – another year finished!

In total, between 9 volunteers and 4 tax clinics, we helped 83 individuals file their tax return. Thank you to all the volunteers who participated. Despite some technical hiccups, we managed to run each clinic smoothly and worked together as a team to solve problems. The WMN is heppy to work with the Whistler Public Library, Whistler Community Services, and Revenue Canada, to deliver this community service.

Parenting Across Cultures (PAC)

Hoping to have our funding confirmed shortly, Andrea has started spreading the word about PAC, and receiving lots of positive feedback and interest. We have invited Lana Lutke, a local certified counsellor who specialises in culture shock and adjustment, to facilitate the program. Lana is excited to be involved as she already helps clients with these issues in her practice as a counsellor. Carole and Andrea met with Jackie at WCSS, who run a comparable program called Birth, Baby & Beyond (BBB). They are planning to run 5 BBB sessions per year, as they find it difficult to keep up with the demand, and are welcoming PAC as an additional community resource.

Multicultural Community Kitchens – taste all the flavours of the world

Would you like to show everyone how to cook your favourite food? We would love to hear from you!

Contact us for more information about cooking at the Multicultural Community Kitchen at 604.388.5511 or email

The popular Multicultural Community Kitchen program is back. We kick off the new season with Taiwanese food. Chia Chia will teach us how to cook and enjoy a traditional meal. For other kitchens, we will keep you posted with an updated calendar.  Get your taste buds ready for an amazing journey around the world.


We’re happy to report that we’ve received funding for the Festival from Heritage Canada and Welcome BC this year. We’re also hoping to have more local sponsors so that the event can become more sustainable for the WMN to continue delivering.

Recruitment for performers, activity leaders and general volunteers is now open. The food team is busy planning what we’ll be selling this year, and spaces are open for the multicultural marketplace again.

If you’d like to participate in any way or have ideas for activities, performances, food, or other offerings, then contact the Welcome Centre by calling 604-698-5960 or emailing

May Calendar

May is here and Whistler Multicultural Network have so many fun events ready for you!

We start strong on the first week with Nutrition Workshop on Friday, Pitch in Day on Saturday and Photo Workshop and Spring Potluck on Sunday.

In the following weeks you will see more events, which will get us ready for the Whistler Multicultural Festival – like amazing Pinata workshop with Elisa.

Good news is, that Whistler Multicultural Kitchens are back – the first flavors we discover will be Taiwanese – Chia Chia will teach us how to cook traditional food from her home land on May 16.

For more details, please check event calendar or contact Barbora on 6043885511 or

Pitch in Day- meeting point in front of library!

We invite you to take part and keep our community clean and beautiful. Volunteer and spend some great time outdoor with people from your community. Pitch in!

How it works?  We meet on Saturday May 6th  in front of Whistler Public Library at 8.45 am. Everyone will get free gloves, garbage bags and T-shirt. After cleaning we will enjoy an amazing BBQ!!

Please register! We will announce more details shortly…

Pemberton Public Library

The Pemberton Public Library would like to offer a Family Multicultural Storytime.  This volunteer position would co-facilitate reading stories and singing song with librarian Nic. We are hoping to offer the Family Multicultural Storytime every second Saturday of each month from 10-10:30 a.m.   We would like to rotate this position monthly so different community members can share their culture.

Reading stories and singing songs are all part of literacy.  Literacy can help in the following areas:

  • brain development
  • social skills
  • writing skills
  • enhancing memory
  • vocabulary skills

If you would like to volunteer for this position please contact Anni at


February Calendar

February is full of interesting events. Join us for English classes at the Whistler Welcome Centre at the Public Library on Monday and temporary at Millennium Place on Wednesday evening.

We have an interesting info sessions ready for you:

February 3th – How to drive safely in winter – Join us for an info session with instructor Todd McGivern from Licence to Drive Ltd.

February 10th – Info session about tax deductions and RRSP – Certified bookkeeper Mika Matsudate will explain, how to apply different tax deductions – receipts of donations, medical expenses, child care and much more. She will also explain, how can RRSP be useful for you.

Last but not least – join us on Thursday mornings for Family and Child Education Program – spend some quality time with your children, learn something new and meet another parents. Read more in the February Calendar and on our blog.

Pemberton Music Festival Community Fund

The Pemberton Music Festival is an annual 4 day music festival located between Pemberton and Mt. Currie on a 400-acre hayfield with over 150 000 attendees.  The line-up includes contemporary artists, rock, indie, hip hop and much more played on 4 stages all weekend long.

HUKA Entertainment, the Pemberton Music Festival promotors, have committed to allocating a portion of each ticket sold to the Pemberton Music Festival Community Fund (PMFCF) to support community opportunities and initiatives within the Pemberton Valley through 2 funds: 1) Legacy Fund 2) General Community and Agricultural Fund.

With this in mind the Pemberton Multicultural Network (PMN) Global Gardeners group applied for funding so they could:
a) change the layout of the garden plot
b) purchase equipment, materials and educational resources with the focus on canning and preserving foods

In January 2017, the PMFCF announced the lucky winners and the PMN Global Gardeners group was one of 16 local organizations who would benefit from funding from ticket sales.

Thank you Huka Entertainment for making this grant available to our community and thank you to the Global Gardeners for showing so much passion and dedication.


Emergency First Aid Course

Whistler Multicultural Network is organizing a special Emergency First Aid Course for ESL speakers delivered by Tony Howarth, First Aid & CPR instructor.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn new skills valuable at work & home environment.

When: Monday November 14, 2016: 9-5pm

Where: Spring Creek (1519 Spring Creek Drive, SSCS space)

Cost: $30 (incl. tax and lunch). Space limited to first 10 people.

Includes: Cross First Aid & CPR Manual, Certification card (valid 3 years)

For registration please fill the registration form below. Deadline: October 31, 2016

Registration form – First Aid

Sponsored by RMOW & CFOW


Lantern Making Workshop

i Oct 17th 1 Comment by

In celebration of St. Martin’s Day the PMN will be making lanterns.  Please join us at the Sea to Sky Community Services Program House (across from the Fire Hall) on Monday, October 24th from 11-1.  We will be making lanterns out of tissue paper, bristol board and milk jugs followed by a potluck lunch. St. Martin’s Day is celebrated on November 11th all around the world in honor of Saint Martin of Tours who was a Roman Soldier.  In Germany children walk in the streets after dark with their lanterns, sing special songs and are given sweets.  This is a time to celebrate the end of the harvest and kindness to others. Please join us on Monday, October 24th.

Chilean Multicultural Community Kitchen

We held our 3rd Multicultural Community Kitchen cooking session on June 9. This one was very special as we’ve upgraded from our one-counter kitchen space in Spring Creek to a big commercial space in Whistler Conference Centre. Not only we learned how to prepare traditional Chilean dish, but we also prepared Japanese takoyaki and Venezuelan arepa dough. It was one day before the Whistler Multicultural Festival and our fantastic WMN team on the very last picture below (Romina, Marcela, Karine, Miyuki, Tomo, Chizuko, Fumie, Mariana, Erie and Mami) rocked the food prep and actual cooking & serving on the day of Festival.

Karine Espinoza and Marcela Aramcibia from Chile were head chefs and taught us how to prepare and eat sopaipillas con pebre. This pumpkin fried cake with Chilean salsa is very popular across the country and eaten as a snack/appetizer with a cup off tea.

You can check out the recipe below. The secret tip from our chefs is to sprinkle some cheese on sopaipilla and then add some pebre sauce on the top. Yummy! The best is to eat it fresh. We let them cool them down and stored it overnight for the next day. Festival attendees were thrilled to have a chance to eat something so unique you can’t buy anywhere in the store/restaurant.

Thank you Joern and Community Foundation of Whistler for taking some nice photos of us.

Thank you Karine and Marcela for all your hard work with making the dough and frying sopaipillas  for 100 people and then helping with other recipes too!

Recipe for Sopaipillas with Pebre

Ingredients for a 4-member family:

Dough: 3 1/2 cup of flour, 1 cup of  bailed and mashed squash, 1/2 cup of water, 3 tbs of butter, 1 tsp of baking powder, 1 tsp of salt, 1/2 liter of oil to fry the sopaipillas

Pebre sauce(topping):

1 or 2 tomatoes, 1tbs of  lemon juice, 1 onion, 1 tbs of chopped coriander, 1/2 of garlic glove, 1 tbs of oil, salt


  • Boil squash in salted water. When the squash is soft, drain and save the water. Mash the squash.
  • Make “a volcano “from flour, baking powder, squash, butter and knead until homogenous. Let the dough settle for 10 minutes
  • Divide into three pieces, and form each one into a tight ball.
  • Using one ball of dough at a time, lightly dust the dough with flour, and stretch gradually until it is about 1cm.
  • Cut 6cm circles from dough and pierce each sopaipilla three times with a fork.
  • Heat the oil in a skillet and fry the sopaipillas 1 minute per side.
  • To make a “pebre”, chop all the ingredients and mix in a bowl. Add oil, lemon juice and salt.