2nd Pemberton Multicultural Week now being planned

Put Saturday November 23 in your calendars! Are you ready for another day of cultural activities Once again the PMN will be hosting a day of arts/crafts/activities and games from the wide variety of cultures represented within the Pemberton community. Oh, did I forget to mention food? That’s right, we will also be providing samples of some delicious dishes from around the world, so come along and join the fun from 11am-3pm. Bring the children and come and join in the fun? (more…)

Announcing Pemberton Multicultural Week November 17-23

Pemberton Multicultural Network, a group of immigrants and newcomers living in Pemberton, invites you to celebrate multiculturalism during the BC Multicultural Week (November 17th to 23rd, 2012). Activities will focus on food, music, crafts, arts, games, toys and sports from different cultures and will be celebrated in 2 ways:

  • Pemberton Multicultural Celebration on November 17, 2012 from 11am to 3pm at the Pemberton Community Centre. A centrally organized celebration where you can showcase your culture. Come and dance, sing, show Pemberton a craft or game, or sample food. If you’d like to participate sign up, for a table space or to perform, and we will take care of the rest.
  • Week-long (November 18 – 23) multicultural events and activities at various locations throughout Pemberton. During this week individuals, businesses, and community groups/organizations will have the opportunity to invite Pemberton residents to take part in cultural experiences. Whether this is a food special, a sports club try-out, a craft/art workshop, or something else, we will promote your event as part of Pemberton Multicultural Week.

Would you like to participate in this event? If yes, please fill out a sign-up sheet attached here PMN – Pemberton Multicultural Week announcement & participant form and return to Sea to Sky Community Services, 1357 Aster Street, Pemberton (between 11 and 4 daily), or email to info@pembertonmulticulturalnetwork.com,  indicating if you’d like to participate in one or both activities.

All events will be promoted under the umbrella ‘Pemberton Multicultural Week’ via posters in the community, leaflets, a participant recruitment pack, ads in local papers.

For any questions, please email at info@pembertonmulticulturalnetwork.com

What’s on the menu? So far we have:

  • Music – Local & International performers…
  • Food – food sampling at the Celebration, special events in restaurants
  • Dance – from Mexico, the Philippines
  • Wellness – yoga, acupuncture demonstrations and try out
  • Children’s activities – diabolo, toys and games from many countries
  • Arts/crafts – Chinese knots, calligraphy, origami
  • Sports – Karate demonstration at the Celebration, and free try out session during the week…