Are you preparing for the citizenship test?

Would you like to learn about the test, what to expect and how to answer the questions? Want some help with vocabulary and learning about the Canadian government and institutions? Need to know where to find extra study resources and practice tests?

The test is the last step before the citizenship ceremony. Taken in English or French, the test will confirm that you have sufficient knowledge of Canada (geography, history, society, values, etc.) and that you understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

The test is based on the Discover Canada study guide; questions are drawn from the entire study guide. The federal government says you can be tested on any section of any chapter, so basically you have to memorize the entire study guide. The written test consists of 20 questions that you have to answer within 30 minutes. You have to answer at least 15 questions correctly (so you are allowed 5 incorrect answers). The test is multiple-choice, which means you will be presented with 4 possible answers for each question (unless it is a True/False question with only two possible answers) and you will need to pick the best answer.

Here’s a sample question from the test:

What is celebrated in Canada on the 15 February?

  • Vimy Day  
  • Labour Day
  • National Flag of Canada Day
  • Family Day

Want to know how you did? Check the answer below….. For all those preparing to take the citizenship test, the Whistler Welcome Centre is offering free study sessions on March 13 and 28.

Canadian Citizenship Test Preparation

Session 1: 7 to 8.30pm on March 13 will cover:

  • Overview of the test, test questions and how to answer them
  • Vocabulary and phrases used for the test
  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Links for resources to help you study at home

Session 2: 6 to 8pm on March 28 will cover:

  • Canadian government and Justice system
  • Practice test questions
  • More test question practice
  • Open question and answer session

Both sessions will be at the Whistler Public Library.

To register for one or both, or for more details, contact or call 604.698.5960.

We do ask all participants to register at the Welcome Centre:

  • Drop-in registration: Mondays 3 to 6pm, and Fridays 9.30am to 12 at the Whistler Public Library. Please bring your permanent resident card or landing document with you.
  • Registration by appointment, online or at the Citizenship Test Preparation program: contact or call 604.698.5960

Answer: National Flag of Canada Day….

Would you like to help other immigrants?

Whistler Welcome Centre is looking for a part-time (22 hours/week) Settlement & Integration Worker.

As a Settlement Worker at the Whistler Welcome Centre, you will help newcomers to Canada find the programs and services they need. You meet with clients, assess their needs and give them support and information. You help clients and their families make plans for employment, education, housing, health care and more.

Here is the Settlement & Integration Worker job posting March 2018.

  • To apply, submit resume with cover letter and three work/volunteer related references to Program Manager: Carole Stretch at
  • Application deadline: March 23 at 5.30pm

Parenting Across Cultures – Workshop

In December 2017, the first Parenting Across Cultures program ended. We asked the participants for suggestions on how we can develop the program for the future. One participant suggested to offer a workshop to help parents with financial planning and finding out about benefits and credits they are eligible for.

The Whistler Welcome Centre is happy to announce we will be offering this workshop on Wednesday, February 21st, 10.30-11.30 in the Community Room at the Library.

We have invited bookkeeper Mika Matsudate, an experienced speaker on this topic, to facilitate the workshop. Come and join us to find out more about tax tips for parents, to learn how you can maximize your finances to plan for your children’s futures, from a knowledgeable source.

This is a free workshop, babies and small children are welcome (we will set up toys!) and refreshments will be provided.

PAC Workshop

Job opportunity with the WMN

We’re looking for a Settlement Worker to work in a Settlement Team with the Whistler Multicultural Network, Sea to Sky Community Services and Capilano University in Whistler. The Settlement Worker supports newcomers and immigrants with questions about life in Canada, helps them access government and other services, and to work towards their individual goals in moving to Canada.

The position is half-time (minimum 20 hours/week) with possible additional hours depending on funding. We are looking to recruit as soon as possible with the new Settlement Worker in place by December 11.

Click here for the full job description Settlement & Integration Worker job posting Nov 2017

To apply, or for any queries, please contact Carole Stretch, Program Manager at:      604.698.7226

WMN Spring Newsletter 2017

Finally real spring is here and the Welcome Centre has so much to offer. Come and share some delicious food during our spring potluck, take a photography class and be part of our photo contest, or help to clean the Earth during Pitch In Day…

Spring Calendar

  • Pitch in Day – On May 6 you can volunteer and help clean up Whistler after winter.
  • Show Us Your Whistler: Photography workshop May 7,Ÿ Submit your photos by May  22
  • Spring Potluck – Celebrate spring on May 7
  • Multicultural Community Kitchen – the real taste of Taiwan – May 16
  • Whistler Multicultural Festival – the festival for locals is here – June 9

This spring, Monday settlement drop-in for any questions or information needs, and Friday drop-ins with skills training, cultural sharing and other activities continue each week. There’ll be more multicultural community kitchens and ESL groups continue. If you are interested in any of our programs or events please contact us by phone (604.698.5960) or email


We had lots of programs over the season including the highly successful Tax Clinics. We also had several info sessions – Tod from Licence to Drive came to talk about how to successfully get your driver’s licence, Priscilla and Andrea visited from Work BC, and Mika from Sakura Bookkeeping gave us some tips on tax deductions and filing our taxes. We celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day and the Sakura festival. On April 10, we launched the Show Us Your Whistler photo challenge and we’re now full on planning for the Whistler Multicultural Festival.

For a full list of upcoming events and activities visit our website at

Show Us Your Whistler photo challenge celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and our great community, the WMN in partnership with the Library, is organizing the ‘Show us Your Whistler’ photo challenge.  We are inviting all community members to take a photo showing how they ‘belong’ to Whistler, in the categories: My home, My culture, My town, My work, My family.

Winners in each category will be announced, and the See Your Whistler  photo display will be launched, at the Whistler Multicultural Festival at the Library on June 9 at 6pm. Visit the See Your Whistler display from June 9 to September 6 at the Whistler Public Library.

FREE! photo workshops

As part of the photo challenge, we are organizing 2 free workshops at the Whistler Public Library on April 21 (10am to 12pm) and/or May 7 (6 to 8pm). Local photographer, Toshi Kawano, will teach the basics; composition, exposure, settings; and focus on photographing people (portrait and candid). Bring your camera, or just your phone, to learn more. To register, or for questions, email


Citizenship Test

Since IRCC brought in changes to the Citizenship application process, they also introduced changes to the Citizenship Test, making it more difficult to pass. If you are preparing for your Citizenship Test, be sure to study the latest materials available on the CIC website

Pitch in Day

Next up – the WMN is participating in Pitch In Day this spring! You can volunteer and help clean the beautiful place we live in. We meet on May 6 at 9 AM in parking lot 4 by the staircase. Everyone will get free gloves, garbage bags and a t-shirt. After cleaning we will enjoy an amazing BBQ at the Fire Hall!!

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program – another year finished!

In total, between 9 volunteers and 4 tax clinics, we helped 83 individuals file their tax return. Thank you to all the volunteers who participated. Despite some technical hiccups, we managed to run each clinic smoothly and worked together as a team to solve problems. The WMN is heppy to work with the Whistler Public Library, Whistler Community Services, and Revenue Canada, to deliver this community service.

Parenting Across Cultures (PAC)

Hoping to have our funding confirmed shortly, Andrea has started spreading the word about PAC, and receiving lots of positive feedback and interest. We have invited Lana Lutke, a local certified counsellor who specialises in culture shock and adjustment, to facilitate the program. Lana is excited to be involved as she already helps clients with these issues in her practice as a counsellor. Carole and Andrea met with Jackie at WCSS, who run a comparable program called Birth, Baby & Beyond (BBB). They are planning to run 5 BBB sessions per year, as they find it difficult to keep up with the demand, and are welcoming PAC as an additional community resource.

Multicultural Community Kitchens – taste all the flavours of the world

Would you like to show everyone how to cook your favourite food? We would love to hear from you!

Contact us for more information about cooking at the Multicultural Community Kitchen at 604.388.5511 or email

The popular Multicultural Community Kitchen program is back. We kick off the new season with Taiwanese food. Chia Chia will teach us how to cook and enjoy a traditional meal. For other kitchens, we will keep you posted with an updated calendar.  Get your taste buds ready for an amazing journey around the world.


We’re happy to report that we’ve received funding for the Festival from Heritage Canada and Welcome BC this year. We’re also hoping to have more local sponsors so that the event can become more sustainable for the WMN to continue delivering.

Recruitment for performers, activity leaders and general volunteers is now open. The food team is busy planning what we’ll be selling this year, and spaces are open for the multicultural marketplace again.

If you’d like to participate in any way or have ideas for activities, performances, food, or other offerings, then contact the Welcome Centre by calling 604-698-5960 or emailing

2016 Census

It has been five years since the last census was taken, which means that it is time for residents of Canada to take another census. Starting in May, census questionnaires have begun to be delivered to Canadian households and if you have not already received yours you will soon. Do you know about the census and why it is important to complete it? Continue reading to get the answers these questions and more.

What is the census?

The census is taken every five years and gives a statistical picture of Canada and its people. Everyone living in Canada must complete the census. This includes Canadian citizens, landed immigrants, refugee claimants, and people who hold a valid work or study permit. If you think someone in your household should not complete the census, call the Census Help Line at 1-855-700-2016.

Each household in Canada will receive one census questionnaire to complete.

How will you complete the census?

You will receive instructions about the census in the mail. You can decide if you would like to complete the census questionnaire online or on paper.

How will the information you provide be used?

Under the Statistics Act all the information you give in the census questionnaire will be kept provide and no one but Statistics Canada will be able to see it. The information you provide will be used to help communities plan services, such as day care centres, schools, health care, language classes, police, fire protection, and residence for senior citizens that are needed.

Completing the census is a great way to provide your community with valuable information that will make planning services easier.

Where can you get help completing the census?

If you have any questions about the census you can call the Census Help Line (CHL) at 1-855-700-2016. The CHL is open Monday to Friday from 8AM to 8PM or Saturday and Sunday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

You can also contact a settlement worker by email ( or phone (604-698-5060).

For more information about the 2016 census click here

Emergency Preparedness Week: Plan, Prepare, Be Aware

Are you and your family prepared to spend 72 hours on your own after a flood, earthquake, or forest fire? During an emergency you and your family could be on your own before emergency services are available and it is important that you and your family are prepared.  It is Emergency Preparedness Week, from May 1 to 7 in Canada.

To make sure you are prepared when there is an emergency it is important to make sure that you;

  1. Know the risks and hazards in Whistler

  • –  forest fire
  • –  floods
  • – storms
  • – earthquake

For a full list of risks and hazards in Whistler click here

  1. Make an emergency plan that includes;

  • – an emergency phone list
  • – a meeting  place if you are separated from your family
  • –  someone that can pick up your children from school if you cannot
  • – information on how to turn off utilities

Click here to watch how you can make your own emergency plan.

  1. Build an emergency kit for your home, office, and vehicle that includes;

– First-Aid kit

– battery-powered radio

– flashlight

– extra batteries

– whistle

– cellphone and charger

– cash

– local maps with your family meeting place marked

– three days worth of food and water

– garbage bags

– dust masks

– extra clothing

For more information about what to put in an emergency kit click here and to watch a video about emergency kits click here

For more information about preparing for an emergency situation click here  or go to one of the activities the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) is putting on about emergency preparedness

  1. Parents participating in the Parent-Infant Drop-In session on Thursday, May 5 at 11AM. at the Whistler Public Library are invited to a free emergency preparedness presentation about:
  • – Hazards that affect Whistler
  • – What to include in a home emergency kit
  • – What measures parents can take to protect their children before, during and after an emergency
  1. Everyone is invited to the municipality’s first annual Emergency Preparedness Fair on Wednesday, May 11 from 1 to 7 PM on the Village Stroll next to Whistler Olympic Plaza. You can
  • – Take a ride in the Shake Zone, a mobile earthquake simulator designed to give people a sense of what an 8.0-magnitude earthquake may feel like.
  • –  Look at information booths and meet the local emergency services and agencies that work to keep Whistler safe.
  • – Buy an emergency kit and $25 of the money made from each kit will go to Whistler Animals Galore (WAG)

For more information about Emergency Preparedness Week in Whistler click here

Information Session: Bear Safety in Whistler

The Whistler bears have awakened!


Come to next Friday Drop In to learn about what you need to do to stay safe in bear country this summer.


The session will talk about;

–  The different bears in the Sea to Sky corridor

–  What to do if you see a bear

–  How to bear proof your home and campsite


Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate will be provided.


The bear safety information session will be on April 29th, 11:00 AM -12:00 PM at the Welcome Centre in the Whistler Public Library.


For more information please send an email to

WMN Immigrant Peer Educator Program

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Immigrant Peer Educators connect with immigrants, newcomers, and refugees in their own communities to help them access advice and and help as they need it.

This program aims to develop basic peer mentoring skills and knowledge of services and resources for immigrants in Whistler. Trained immigrant peer educators will be able to provide a knowledge resource for, and carry out outreach and information gathering on the issues and challenges being faced by, immigrants in Whistler.

You can;

  • – Gain the communication skills to work with immigrants and refugees.
  • – Learn about culture shock, how to recognize it and strategies to deal with it.
  • – Hear what questions immigrants ask, what information they need, and what challenges they meet.
  • – Find out about strategies to help newcomers adapt and integrate.

This is a FREE program starting April 12th!

10-12pm in the Community Room at the Whistler Public Library.

If you’re interested in becoming an Immigrant Peer Educator, or for more information, contact our settlement worker, Karoline Madsen

  • – call or text: (604) 698 5960
  • – email:
  • – or contact us on Facebook:


Tax information session

Wednesday, Feb 24 from 3-4pm in the Library

It’s tax season again and we have invited Mika from Sakura Bookkeeping to join us and answer questions about tax!

Mika will give us some general information followed by your questions. Don’t miss this special information session to learn all about the complicated Canadian system!

Please let me know if you have any specific questions and I will pass them on to Mika.