Cross-Cultural Parenting Survey

The Whistler Welcome Centre is doing some research as part of our Parenting in Another Culture program. This year, we are focusing on parents of school age children, specifically high school – grades 8 to 12.  The survey is to help us identify and understand the challenges of parenting in another culture in Whistler so we can provide the services and information to better support immigrant and newcomer parents in our community.

Here is a link to the online survey

At the end of the survey we are asking people if
they are available to meet with a local immigrant researcher for a confidential
one-to-one interview about parenting in another culture in Whistler. She would
also like to discuss what supports and programs you would find helpful. I do
hope you are able to do that as your experience and knowledge is so valuable.

We’re also asking that you pass this link on to any other parents you think might be able to share their experience and needs parenting in another culture.

Thank you for your help.