Fuxico: Brazil

Fuxico is a typical Brazilian technique for patchworking. Fuxico, like most forms of patchwork, originated as a method of using up leftover pieces of fabric, (that would otherwise have been thrown away) to make something useful, colourful and beautiful.

Historically its origin is more than 150 years old. It all started from groups of women (slaves) in the northeast of Brazil who were given fabric scraps by their owners. 

It is still popular artisanal work made by women in the northeast of the country and other states like Mina Gerais. The women gather to sew and thus contribute to the livelihood of their families.

Once individual fuxico have been made, they can be joined together to create many things: blankets, toys, Christmas decorations etc.

The name Fuxico is a popular word for gossip in Portuguese and ended up being used for this type of work because it was said that when the women gathered to sew they spent hours talking about the lives of others.

How to make Fuxico

  • Cut the fabric into circles.
  • start sewing on the inside.
  • Hem the circle with a running stitch.
  • Gather as you go.
  • Once it is all gathered, stitch in the middle or add a button.
  • Tie it off.