Fall Program – Connections for Immigrant Parents

The Whistler Welcome Centre is happy to announce the third round of our program, Connections for Immigrant Parents (formerly known as Parenting Across Culture), beginning on Tuesday September 18, 2018.

Connections for Immigrant Parents is a 6 week program, every Tuesday mornings at 11am-1pm, from September 18th until October 23rd 2018. We will meet at the Welcome Centre @ Whistler Public Library.

Registration is required. Children are welcome as well. Child-minding is provided upon registration.

Settling into life in a new culture is a huge adjustment and it can take many years before you feel fully adapted. Becoming a parent is certainly a joyful time in your life but it can also bring about new challenges as you continue your adjustment to a new culture.

Connections for Immigrant Parents offers a safe and supportive environment for immigrant moms to meet, connect and share their experiences as multicultural parents. The program aims to help you be a successful multicultural parent in Whistler and to help you build a support network as a newcomer to Canada.

Come and join us to celebrate you, your children and your culture!