Online ESL resources and support


ISSofBC is based in Squamish and offers an on-line (distance) LINC course for intermediate to high intermediate (CLB levels 4 to 8) for which you must complete 9 hours a week. The Online English course has two classes:

  • English levels 4-6
  • English levels 7-8

The online course runs all year EXCEPT for a two month break in July and August.

To register in this program, students are required to take an assessment before being placed into an appropriate class. You can book an assessment in Squamish at any time. ISS of BC regularly carries out assessments in Whistler (usually at Training Innovations in Function Junction). Watch the Welcome Centre blog and Facebook for details of times and days. The online course has a total of 18 places available across both levels. If all places are filled, and your assessment qualifies you, then you will be placed on a waitlist till a place becomes available. It runs all year EXCEPT for a two month break in July and August.

For more information, to book an assessment, to find out about assessments in Whistler and/or to check your eligibility, contact:

Tara Ramsey

The LINC courses also provide a language (CLB) assessment when you complete the course. This assessment can be used when applying for citizenship (for information on language requirements for citizenship click here).

Mango Languages and Whistler Public Library

An online program that helps both English and non-English Speakers to learn new languages. This is a free program to Whistler Library Card holders.

English for non-English Speakers

If you are an ESL Learner, you can use Mango Languages in your own time to help improve your pronunciation and vocabulary. The program uses real conversations and situations for you to practice with – we all know that practice makes perfect!

Mango Languages is unique as it allows you to learn English using your own language. There are 17 languages to choose from including Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, German and Vietnamese.

However, there is no course that allows an ESL Learner to learn English using only English. Unfortunately, Tagalog is not an available language on the program at the moment.

Foreign Languages for English speakers

There is also a program available for English Speakers who would like to learn other languages. There are 54 languages to choose from.

How It Works

When you click on Mango Languages for the first time, you will have 2 options. You can sign up for an account right away or you can use it as a guest until you are ready to create an account.

Setting up a new Mango Languages Account

When you set up your Mango Languages account, you will need:

  • Your Library Card Number
  • Your Email Address
  • A Personal Password


When you have created your account, Mango Languages will save your details so the next time you log in, you will not need your Library Card number.

Start learning

When you are ready to start learning, click on the course you would like to do.

 Follow the instructions to start your course.

 Mango Languages will check automatically if your computer has the correct programming to use their software.If your computer doesn’t have the correct programs to run it, Mango will tell you.


It looks like you are ready to begin your English course through Italian!

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the course, make sure your speakers are on and your microphone works.

Mango Languages will save your progress so you don’t have to start again every time you log in!

Enjoy Learning!