Registering Children at School

Children between the ages of five and 16 must attend school if they live in British Columbia. School is free for children who are residents of B.C. A newly arrived student must be personally registered in school by either a parent or legal guardian.  It is necessary for the parent or legal guardian to go in person when registering a student in BC and present the following original documentation:

  1. proof of British Columbia residency
  2. the student’s official birth certificate
  3. applicable Immigration / Citizenship / Permanent Resident documentation
  4. the student’s last report card, if available
  5. legal guardian document, if applicable
  6. immunization records, if available

Children usually start school in September of the year that they turn 5 years old. A BC resident student who wishes to enroll in a public schools may register at the student’s catchment school from the last week in August to the first week in July.  Catchment school means the school that is assigned to homes in a specific neighbourhood.  A newly arrived student who registers at their catchment school by June 15th is guaranteed a place at that school for the next school year.  For more information on when and where to register your child for school, phone the school district office at 604-892-5228.

Schools in Whistler and Pemberton


There are 3 public schools in Whistler; 2 Elementary schools and one Secondary school.  The school your child goes to depends on where you live and how old your child is.  Here is the list:

Elementary Schools:

  • Myrtle Philip Community School:  Kindergarten (age 5) – Grade 7.  Located in Whistler Cay, on Lorimer Road.  Public School for students living on the West side of Highway 99 from Blueberry and north, and on the East side of Highway 99, for students living north of Spruce Grove. Phone: 604-932-5321 Fax: 604-938-1238 Website:
  • Spring Creek Community School:  Kindergarten (age 5) – Grade 7.  Located in Spring Creek. Public School for students living on the west side of Highway 99, living on Westside Road, plus students living south of Blueberry, and on the east side of Highway 99, those living from Spruce Grove and south. Phone: 604-935-3822 Fax: 604-935-3872 Website:

Secondary School:

  • Whistler Secondary Community School:  Grade 8-12 – Public School for students in all areas of Whistler. Phone: 604-905-2581 Fax: 604-905-2583

For public school location, directions and contact information, please see:  SD48 Schools – maps and contact information

Other Schools in Whistler:

Whistler Waldorf – Whistler Waldorf School is a fully accredited independent school for children from preschool to Grade 9.  Please see: for more information.

Ecole la Passerelle:  Kindergarten (age 5) – Grade 7.  This is a public French school for children with French-speaking parents.  It is located at 1509 Spring Creek Drive.  See their website for more information:


Signal Hill Elementary School – 1410 Pemberton Portage Road, 604-894-6378

Pemberton Secondary School – 1400 Oak Street, 604-894-6318

Coast Mountain Outdoor School – 9471 Hurley Riv, 604-894-6382

L’Ecole La Vallee De  Pemberton – 1410 Pemberton Portage Road, 604-932-9602