Having a baby and children’s healthcare

If you are pregnant, make sure you see a local Doctor (GP) to arrange for things like ultrasound appointments, and to plan for your delivery.

You should contact Community Health to get the Baby’s Best Chance Handbook.  This book gives easy and practical information about having a healthy pregnancy and caring for a baby/small child. You can get the Baby’s Best Chance Handbook from public health nurses, doctors, or midwifes.

You’ll probably have your baby in hospital – either in Squamish or in Vancouver.  You can ask for a midwife for your delivery.  You can ask your doctor (GP) about the different things you can choose.

You’ll go home with baby the day after you give birth. The day after you go home a nurse from Vancouver Coastal Health will come to your home to check that you and your baby are both healthy.  If something is wrong, the nurse will come back to see you and your baby again.

When you have a baby, you’ll get a “Child Health Passport”.

You will go to the clinic or hospital with your baby to see your doctor for a checkup:

  • 2 weeks after the baby is born
  • 4 weeks after the baby is born
  • 6 weeks after the baby is born
  • 2 months after the baby is born

Make sure you take the Child Health Passport with you.

Always take the Child Health Passport with you when you take your child for vaccinations so it is always up to date.  Keep it with other important papers because people will ask to see it. You will need to show it at places like school, childcare etc.

When your child goes to daycare, you have to take this passport to show your child has had certain vaccinations. If you don’t have the passport, your doctor can give you a letter saying your child has had the vaccinations or you can get a printout from the Public Health department.  When your child starts school (kindergarten), you’ll get a letter asking you to make sure that he/she gets certain vaccinations.  You can find out what vaccinations are needed at HealthLinkBC Immunizations

You can get good information at Baby Classes once a week at the Whistler Public Library. There is a speaker once a month.  Topics include:

  • how children grow
  • what you can do when your child gets sick
  • information about vaccinations and about health checks before children go to school, etc.

Sometimes, specialists come to these sessions and talk about useful topics.

Every year there are free eye and ear checks for children who haven’t yet gone to school. Watch for information about these sessions. Good places to find information are:

  • your Settlement Worker
  • the library
  • childcare providers
  • local schools
  • the Welcome Centre blogs
  • Welcome Centre Outreach Workers
    • Whistler tel: 604.388.5511 email: info@welcomewhistler.com
    • Pemberton tel: 604.967.1664 email: info@welcomepemberton.com
  • Pregnancy, baby and child services

Whistler Community Health offers many services such as best beginnings, child health clinics, immunizations, family health programs and much more. Whistler Community Health is in the Whistler Health Care Centre at 4380 Lorimer Road. Tel: 604-932-3202.  For a full list of programs offered, please see:  WHCC Services

Health Pregnancy Outreach Program: Pemberton

This program helps women maintain good health throughout their pregnancy and have healthy babies. It provides a weekly drop-in discussion group, a cooking club and one-on-one support. The program is for women who are pregnant or whose child is six months old or less.

Every Tuesday at noon, 1341 Aster Street, Pemberton. Contact Suzie Soman, Director, Early Childhood Development, suzie.soman@sscs.ca for further details. See the Sea to Sky Community Services website for details of other programs offered.

BC Government’s Best Chance website has loads of information on Women’s Health, Pregnancy, and Children’s Health.

HealthLinkBC has lots of information for you.