Health Information and Resources

HealthLink BC

HealthLink BC is a great place to find health information.  If you want to get information on the phone, call 8-1-1. You will not pay for the call. If you are deaf or have difficulty hearing, call 7-1-1.  When you call 8-1-1 you can speak with somebody who can connect you with a:

  • registered nurse any time, every day of the year
  • registered dietitian every weekday
  • pharmacist from 5pm to 9am, every day of the year

Translation services are available in more than 130 languages.

On the HealthLink BC website, you will find medically-approved information about more than 5,000 health topics, symptoms, medications, and tips living healthily. You can also search the Directory to find health services near you.

Other useful sections on this website include:

Medical Tests A-Z: When you or someone in your care needs a medical test, you may have a lot of questions. Should I have the test? Am I allowed to eat or drink before the test? Is there anything I should do to prepare?

Medications A-Z: There are so many medications available for all different types of illnesses. You trust your health care provider, but you want to know more about what has been prescribed to you. Maybe you are curious about generic or brand name medications? Maybe you are having side effects to a new medication or want to know possible side effects before you start taking it?   In this section, find resources to give you more information and help you make informed decisions about medications.

Public Health Alerts:  Find out about all health alerts such as outbreaks, boil water advisories and product recalls.

Health Topics A-Z: This is a good place to start if you or one of your family has questions or if you are looking for information about a health topic you saw on TV. You can search by key words, or check your symptoms on line.

BC College of Physicians and Surgeons

Find a Physician: Use this directory to search for doctors who are accepting new patients, or to look up a Dr.’s address or phone number.