Work with us in Pemberton…

Work with us to grow community connections, support and opportunities for newcomers and immigrants in Pemberton as part of Sea to Sky Settlement Services.

February 2021: We’re looking for someone who can help build awareness of settlement services and programs in Pemberton. The Pemberton Multicultural Outreach Worker will develop and deliver programs and activities to support the development of

o cultural competency
o peer support
o social & emotional health & resilience (mental wellness)
o social connectedness / meaningful community connections
in newcomer & immigrant populations in Pemberton.

This position is supported by a full settlement and outreach team in Whistler, and is a part of the Sea to Sky Sunshine Coast WelcomeNet.

For full details see the Pemberton Multicultural Outreach Worker job description Pemberton Multicultural Outreach Worker.

Apply with resume, cover letter and details of 3 work/volunteer related references to info@wmsociety.ca by 5pm on Friday March 5, 2021.