Learn and have fun outside!

Children love to move! And that’s great because active play is an essential part of children’s development. Unstructured play is as important as organized sports and games. And it’s fun too!

What is active play?

Active play is any physical activity that includes periods of high energy. It makes a child’s heart go fast and may make them huff and puff. Active play helps your child develop..

Build skills at all ages through active play

Tips on how to build active play into your family’s routine.…
  • – Schedule outdoor activities into your family routine and include time for unstructured play too.
  • – Parents need to be a good role model. Be physically active yourself.
  • – Parents and children should take turns choosing activities that are fun and enjoyable for the whole family.
  • – Keep it simple. Create active games that work where you are with what you have.
  • – Choose activities that match children’s abilities, and let them take the lead!

Active play is an essential part of children’s development. And it’s fun too. Children can learn by watching, and enjoy it. Watch this space for some fun outdoor activities for you and your families during spring break.

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