Our Cookbook

Check out our first Multicultural Kitchens cookbook….

The WMN is sharing some of the recipes we’ve enjoyed over the past year or so.

All the recipes in the cookbook were chosen, prepared and shared by volunteer immigrant cooks at Multicultural Community Kitchens and/or the Multicultural Festival.

Whistler’s Multicultural Cookbook and Kitchens

It was the stories and memories that our cooks shared during these events that were the inspiration to put this cookbook together. Food is so much a part of our individual cultures, and it’s so fascinating to hear what traditions and memories our cooks remember as they share their food. With each recipe, the cooks have written their own individual stories behind the food they are presenting, giving a fascinating glimpse into how food shapes their lives and families.

Karine Espinoza, Volunteer Cook from Chile and Cookbook Contributor says “I really enjoyed it to participate in this project because I was able to show something from my country and learn about other countries.”

Romina Wells, Volunteer Cook from Argentina and Cookbook Contributor says “I am honored to be part of the cookbook from the Multicultural Community kitchens and festival. As immigrants, it gave us the opportunity to share part of our culture with the country that opened the doors to our new beautiful life. I am pleased to have the chance to learn about different cultures and mostly about Canada.

To order your copy of Whistler’s Multicultural Kitchens 2017 email info@welcomewhistler.com

Printed copies are $10 each, and all monies from the sale of this Cookbook will go to supporting WMN programs and to making them more sustainable. We hope this is the first of many, and that we will be able to share the food and stories we enjoy year-round in our Multicultural Community Kitchens and at the Whistler Multicultural Festival in future Cookbooks.

Our thanks go to the Resort Municipality of Whistler and the Community Foundation of Whistler who support this initiative and helped fund the Multicultural Community Kitchens program which have made this cookbook possible.

Follow our Multicultural Community Kitchens

Every month, volunteer immigrant cooks plan, cook and teach community members about the food from their home country and the traditions surrounding it. Learn how to cook food from another culture before sitting down, eating together and sharing stories of how food shapes our different cultures. Check our calendar for details of the next Multicultural Community Kitchen, and check out….