Skills and Workplace Training

As a newcomer, you will be able to adapt and integrate better if you build and develop your skills and qualifications specifically for the Canadian environment. This may mean building skills to manage better in daily life,  so that you can support your family and children at school, and in other important situations, such as at the doctor.  Or it may mean developing and expanding your existing skills at work, so that you can find the job, and have the career, you want.

The Welcome Centres in Whistler and Pemberton run a range of programs and training courses through the year.  aimed specifically at helping those for whom English is not their first language. All programs and workshops are carefully managed to provide participants with the language and vocabulary knowledge they will need. Our facilitators are experienced instructing English as a Second Language learners. Pre-program support is often provided before certifiable workplace training, and we work hard with facilitators from other organizations to make sure that the needs of newcomers and non-English speakers are met. To keep updated on these, check out the calendar, and our facebook pages. To find out what’s on shortly, contact a Settlement Worker at

  • Whistler Welcome Centre  tel. 604.698.5960  email:
  • Pemberton Welcome Centre tel. 604 967.1664  email:

Communication and language skills

Regular ESL groups develop basic English language skills while learning about life in Canada, and bringing together newcomers in the process of adapting and integrating to the local community. A higher level group focuses on developing workplace English. If you’d like to develop your communication skills in a supportive environment outside of formal ESL classes, then the Community Leadership and Immigrant Peer Education programs offer this opportunity.

Leadership and workplace development

The Community Leadership Program focuses on the skills required to be successful as a volunteer and working in a team, including a wide range of communication, project planning, marketing and other business skills. In 2017, a practical professional development program is planned to support newcomers and immigrants, particularly those with English as a second language, in articulating their professional development goals and devising a plan to work towards them.

Computer skills training

Regular computer skills workshops are offered at the Whistler Welcome Centre drop-in (Friday mornings 9.30am to 12pm). These are small group workshops focusing on basic computer skills including; Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.

Canadian financial information and literacy

Join the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program to learn about Canadian taxes and help lower income newcomers with their taxes. Also during tax time, sessions are delivered focusing on Canadian financial information and to help newcomers understand how to save money on taxes and save for the future.

Foodsafe and First Aid training

Join a Welcome Centre Foodsafe or First Aid training program. These programs both have pre-course preparation sessions to make sure that participants understand and complete the training on the day.

Other skills training

Many Welcome Centre programs include training on a range of other topics, including food preparation and security, nutrition, literacy development and child development. For details of other training and information sessions, check our calendar, blog and facebook pages.  If you’d like to receive regular updates, please email us here…