Mapping your Garden (Part 2)

It’s a great idea to make a plan of your garden, so that you can think about what worked and what didn’t, and change it up each year. (This is always a draft, and things can change, just make sure you update it as you plant!)

There are many ways to take our companion planting knowledge and arrange the plants in the garden. This is simply one of them. I have tried to take into account the following:
1) The structures already in the garden for plants to climb up.
2) Tall plants giving shade to plants that need it.
3) Full sun for those that need it.
4) Ease of access for plants that need extra care (tomatoes for example).

Our garden has a frame already attached for peas, it makes sense to plant them here.
Parsley prefer a little shade, so they will do well in front of the pole beans.
The cucumbers and squash like to climb, so they will enjoy our step up boxes, while zucchini will be fine at the top.
Tomatoes need their runners pinched off as they grow to give more energy to create flowers and fruit, so an easily accessible spot at the front is great for them.
Garlic is expensive and so we like to grow as much as possible! We have 1 and a half boxes of garlic that we planted last fall and will harvest in August.
Below is our first draft, with ideas of where things should go, however, as we plant this may and will change.

I am also happy to accept volunteer plants, these are free and fun surprises that pop up from seeds that got dropped last year. This year our garden has a huge crop of purple orach spinach, a beautiful lettuce in our radish plot, and some randomly placed sunflowers!