Fight racism with Resilience BC Whistler

There is no place for racism and hate in British Columbia. To fight racism and hate crimes, we must work together in a co-ordinated way in communities in every corner of the province,” Anne Kang, Minister of Citizens’ Services and responsible for Multiculturalism.

Whistler Multicultural Society joins Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network

No community is immune to racism.” (Michelle Mungall, MLA for Nelson-Creston)
In November 2020, the Whistler Multicultural Society gained funding to join the Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network. As a spoke in this network, we will be working to build community partnerships and dialogue to identify priorities for anti-racism and anti-hate, and to develop projects to address systemic and institutionalized racism at a local level.

We’ll be circulating a regular newsletter with updates on initiatives, services and programs identifying and challenging racism. We’ll also be hosting roundtable discussions where all members of our community will be able to work together to address racism in our local environment.

Addressing racism in Whistler: what can you do?

The expectation that people of color should teach white people about racism….reinforces unequal power relations by asking people of color to do our work“, Robin Diangelo, White Fragility. Addressing racism is going to take work from all of us. It’s not going to be a comfortable journey but it’s one we can go on together.

We’re inviting community members and partners to join us on January 29, from 1 to 2pm on Zoom to start a community discussion on how to identify and address racism in our community. The roundtable will explore the ways:

– racism is experienced in Whistler, and how we can support those who experience it

–  we can develop allyship and increased understanding of racism, discrimination, and bias