Returning to school – what will it look like?

Children will be able to go back to school June 1, 2020. This is voluntary.  If you are not comfortable sending your children back to school, you do not have to. You can continue with online learning at home.

Different grades will be able to be in school for different amounts of time:

* Kindergarten to grade 5 age children, will go back 2 days per week

* Grade 6 to 12 will go back for 1 day per week

* Children of essential workers or children who need additional support can go back full time.

Which days will my child go to school if they go to Myrtle Philip or Spring Creek?

High school students will go one day a week and this will be organized by their CLE class. There will be 100 students per day in the school.

What should I tell my children before they go back to school?

It is important that you talk with your children and explain that things will be very different when they go back to school. There will be many new ways of doing things.

The school will have a very strict cleaning policy. Items that are used a lot will be cleaned regularly, for example, keyboards, chairs etc. The school will have lots of cleaning supplies, hand washing stations, paper towels, door stoppers, ventilation, and signs for students to tell them what to do.

It is very important that if anyone in your family is unwell that your child does not go to school.

More information on BC’s going back to school planhttps://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/k-12/administration/program-management/safe-caring-and-orderly-schools