Self Distancing or Self Isolation?

Self-distancing is important right now. It reduces the chances that you get COVID-19 but also protects other people you may have contact with.  

But if you know there is a possibility you have COVID-19 you must self-isolate.

You need to self-isolate if you have…

  • a cough, sore throat, breathing problems, fever.
  • been in contact with anyone who has had the virus.
  • travelled outside of Canada in last 14 days.
  • been in contact with anyone who has travelled outside Canada in last 14 days.

If you are unsure, take the BC Covid-19 self assessment test

What does self-isolation mean?

  • Stay at home.
  • Do not go out.
  • Get someone to pick up groceries and leave them for you.
  • Avoid all contact with others outside of your home.

How long should you self-isolate?

  • If you begin to feel unwell, a 7 day period of isolation starts.
  • 14 days of isolation starts for anyone else living in your house. (you can have the virus and not show symptoms for 7 days).
  • If anyone in the house gets unwell in the 14 days of isolation, their isolation period ends 7 days after their symptoms start.

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