Keeping the family busy – in all the right ways

With no school and no play dates, we need to keep the children busy. 

We can do all the usual things: colouring, board games, card games, movies, playing with toys, and the school work that their teachers have sent them.

But don’t forget the internet. Not all screen time is bad. Educational programs will help them keep learning, mentally and physically. Kids can develop motor (physical) and cognitive (mental) skills by learning how to make things. Some programs will get them up and moving, while using something like FaceTime will help with social skills.

Here are some suggestions for useful places to check out on the internet…

Online Learning websites:

Scholastic online learning – audiobooks, reading and activities

Switcheroo Zoo – Watch listen and play games about amazing animals

National Geographic for Kids Learn about geography and animals

Seussville – Read and play games with Dr Seuss and his friends

ABC YA – Practice reading, English and math skills. (Pre K – Grade 6)

Fun Brain – Play games while practicing math and reading skills (Pre K- Grade 8)

PBS Kids – Learning videos and games with popular kids TV shows

Star Fall – Practice phonics skills and math (Pre K to Grade 3)

Storyline Online – Stories read by movie stars

Highlights Kids – Read, play games, craft activities.

IXL Maths and English – Pre K –Grade 12


Arts and crafts:

You can look up activities and arts and crafts on line, here are just a few:

Scholastic things to do

The best ideas for kids

Easy peasy fun


YouTube Kids

The content is specifically for kids, parents can set timers, block what content they see. Parents have a lot more control of YouTube Kids than YouTube. There are many videos on how to do things, such as make slime, make play doh, arts and crafts. There are videos to teach dancing or kids yoga and much more.


Educational Apps

There are many educational Apps you can download onto phones and tablets. Some are free and some you need to pay for here are a few ideas:

Rocket Speller

Math Jungle


Reading Eggs