Want to know what we’re planning for the 2019 Festival?

Want to join the food team? Know someone who’d like to perform? Have an idea for an activity? or would you like to help us plan the festival? Last Monday a group came together to start the process and here’s what they talked about…

Bringing cultures together

This year we want to create more opportunities for people to make connections and really get to know each other’s cultures. So all our performances will be linked to specific cultures/traditions and greater information about the cultural background to the performance will be shared with the audience. We are hoping to run at least one series of workshops before the festival for people from the community to learn either a song or a dance they can share more widely on the day. And we’ll be talking to lots of people at the festival in preparation for a Vital Cafe on June 18 where we will invite community members to explore how to help newcomers and immigrants participate in our community: Whistler.


The meeting discussed whether we should invite in food vendors this year, or leave it with only the WMN providing food as we did last year. We agreed that one or two vendors could be invited if they are looking to grow or start their business and need awareness.

The good news is that the prep kitchen we used last year is available and booked. We will do the food on the Plaza again and set up a place for people to sit and eat like last year. Next steps are to get people together to look at ideas for food items, so we can start planning and costing that early. Barbora will be looking for people with ideas on what we might do this year. If you’d like to get involved in the food, please contact her.


The focus this year will be on cultural and traditional performances. Each performance will be allocated 15 minutes and the schedule will be tightly managed to make sure no one is kept waiting. Rob Olive, our event manager, will be contacting previous performers to invite them to sign up again, but we’d love to see some new people, cultures and performances.

Anyone interested in participating should contact the Welcome Centre team and they will provide information and pass potential performers on to Rob. We’ll be asking performers to provide some information about the cultural background of their performance that can be used to introduce them. This year especially we’d like to make sure that the audience has as many opportunities to participate as possible so they really experience the different cultures we showcase.


Unfortunately, we ran out of time and we’ll be discussing these at our next meeting – so bring along your ideas then!

Volunteer thank you

This year we’re planning to say thank you to our volunteers in a big way… with a barbecue on Sunday 16 June from 1 to 4pm. Watch this space for location, and to see what volunteer opportunities there are.

Join us at our next meeting….

…from 5.30pm to 7pm on Monday February 25 – at the Welcome Centre at the library. Can’t make it but want to keep in touch? Drop us an email and we’ll add you to our circulation list for updates.